Monster edible cookie dough

This is such an easy recipe to make. We love the versatility, the crunch, and the texture, but most of all the balance between the sweet and saltiness.

Ingredients needed Flour Peanut butter Brown sugar Granulated sugar Butter softened Vanilla extract Heavy cream Oats Chocolate M&M's Milk chocolate chips White chocolate chips Pretzels mini twist

The best way to start any recipe is to measure out your ingredients and get them all together.

Very gently fold in the chocolate chips, M&M candies, and pretzels, you can lightly crush the pretzels while folding if you prefer.

The chocolate and the pretzels are a great combination, we love the crunch and the sweetness.

The best thing about this cookie monster edible cookie dough is that it is easy enough to make it on your own.

This recipe is great for kids birthday parties!

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