Chocolate Chip Fluffernutter Cookies 

These chocolate chip fluffernutter cookies are incredible. The flavors of peanut butter run through the chewy cookie.

Ingredients needed Butter Peanut butter Granulated sugar Brown sugar Egg Vanilla extract Flour Baking soda Salt Chocolate chips  Marshmallows

The best way to start any recipe is to measure out your ingredients and get them all together.

While these cookies look decadent they are very easy to put together and are sure to be a crowd pleasure!

The recipe makes 7 large decadent cookies and it will be hard not to want to eat one right out of the oven but be sure to let them cool first.

The cookies are crunchy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside, and the melted marshmallow just takes it to another level.

The combination of the sweet and creamy peanut butter with the chocolate chips makes the most incredibly heavenly cookies that you are just going to love.

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